Madison Christian Church

Devotional for June 18, 2018

What have you been learning about God lately? Have you been learning anything new about Him? From where or from whom have you acquired this new knowledge of Him?   Most of us learn by reading, hearing, watching and doing. The “doing” part often gets left out.

Jesus said in Matt. 7:24 “Everyone who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” We are blessed only if what we hear, read and see is put into action. Many Christians fail to learn because they don’t follow through with action.

I often use golf as an illustration. Why? The Christian life can be difficult. Golf can be difficult. I can make golf more difficult for myself by failing to learn new things. Many who take up the game of golf want to know how to hit the ball a long way. However, experts say to improve your score, you have to spend time learning about the more tedious aspects of the game – mainly the short game of chipping and putting and even sand shots (to learn how to get out of trouble).

It’s also good if you’re wanting to learn the game to play with others who have learned some things in their journey to be a better golfer.  I learn from their advice and what has worked well for them. I also learn from mistakes they’ve made.

And then you have to take the time to put them into practice. I like to play alone sometimes. I really learn a lot from reading about it and hearing about it and from playing with others. But I take my learning to a deeper level when I put what I’ve been learning into practice.

This approach to learning by reading, watching others and then putting it into action also applies to my walk with Christ as a Christian.

For example:

In the Christian life, I learn that I am supposed to love my enemies. I watch others who live that out and I see how they still treat people who are mean to them with kindness and not hostility. But I am really blessed by God when I treat my enemies with love through acts of kindness and even defending them to other people.

I learn that I am supposed to evangelize. I watch others and learn how they engage people in conversations about Jesus. But if I do not put it into practice, that will become an area of weakness for me and I’ll continue to ignore it and it will become an area where I’m falling short.

I learn from the Bible I am supposed to give sacrificially and joyfully. I see others doing it and am amazed at how giving people are. But if I don’t discipline myself to give, I will never experience God’s blessing of a sense of peace regarding my finances.

Let’s pray that God will help us to learn more about Him and how to live for Him but then to put into practice the things we are learning…so that it is learning that makes a difference in our lives.