Madison Christian Church

Devotional April 24, 2017

Years ago there was a song by Stephen Curtis Chapman which said, “His strength is perfect when our strength is gone. He’ll carry us, when we can’t carry on.”

Those words are true. God loves to bring us to the end of ourselves and our own strength sometimes so that we will learn to lay all of our hopes on him. I “happened” to be reading in Psalm 62 again this morning.   In verse 8 David said, “Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.” Verse 9 is also interesting… “Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath.”

What is that saying? It is saying people are nothing. No person whether of low estate or high are worthy of our trust. ONLY GOD!!! ONLY Him! HE is who we are to trust. I think that is so interesting that he says those of high estate (those who people of earth think are really something!) are nothing but a delusion.

Then in verse 10 he said, “…if riches increase, set not your heart on them.” Verse 11 says, “Once God has spoken, twice have I heard this…” So this is like God saying, “I’m only going to say this once!   So pay attention.” What has He said? This: “that power belongs to God.”

If we trust in the Lord and move with Him and strive to move His kingdom forward, He will see us through. Put no trust in wealth or in numbers. Gideon’s army wasn’t strong with 32,000. His army was at its strongest when he had 300 who were willing to trust God completely and not in their own strength.

God told Paul, “…for my power is made perfect in weakness.”   God’s strength is perfect when our strength is gone. We either believe it or we don’t. If we don’t let’s repent and pray to God to give us the faith to believe this about Him.