Madison Christian Church

Devotional – April 28th, 2014

One of my old professors (Mr. Sackett), shared an illustration that I found encouraging and I’d like to share it with you and tell you what Scripture it brought to my mind from Romans.

He said that in 1851 the Charles Street Jail claimed to be the most advanced prison in the United States.   By 1971 it was condemned for the harsh living conditions of the prisoners.  In 2007, the building reopened as the Liberty Hotel – one of the posh establishments of Boston.  It took $150,000,000 worth of renovations to transform a jail into a hotel.

Mr. Sackett said, “That’s Easter at its best.  Total transformation.”  I agree.  This made me think of Romans 6:14 where Paul wrote, “For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.”  We are not set free TO sin but set free FROM sin.

Through Christ, our lives that were jail/prison cells, and we stood to be condemned.  But because of the cross, we our lives are now turned into something beautiful, life-enhancing and meaningful.  And this was all purchased with something far more costly than $150,000,000.  It was purchased with the precious blood of Christ.