Madison Christian Church

Devotional Aug. 27th 2018

Recently a friend Cindy and I have made a comment about someone they know who died. The person said they just picture their friend in heaven doing the thing that gave him enjoyment in life. There was no mention of anything about a relationship with God.

I received a phone call today from a lady from out of town who wanted to know if they could use our building for a service for her son who died recently. She said they’re looking for a place to have a simple service. I told her I would check and would be glad to talk with her about her grief and her loss. She also commented that they believe his spirit is kind of stuck because they haven’t had a service yet. So in her eyes the service will enable her son’s spirit to leave and “be at rest”.

I have heard, more times than I can count, that some people are now “angels in heaven”. Or when someone died who had a great sense of humor, I’ve heard people say, “God must’ve needed someone to make Him smile or laugh because of all the garbage going on in the world.” I’ve heard people say, “Well so-and-so is probably fishing all the beautiful lakes in heaven right now.”

These are just a few examples that display an amazing ignorance about what happens when we die. It is assumed by people that anyone who dies who had some kind of belief in God or “a god”, that their spirit goes to a place called heaven and gets to enjoy doing the things they did while on earth. I’ve even heard people say that a friend who died who loved drinking is probably having an awesome party with unlimited kegs in heaven!!

Where do people come up with these ideas?! Are we doing them any favors by nodding and agreeing with them? I don’t believe we are.

The truth is painful at times. We need to learn, how and when to help people see the truth that there is only one way to have eternal life and that is through Jesus Christ – and not just some vague idea that He existed.

We have the best news in the world! But the flip side is that this news – if ignored – leads to a very sad and tragic life after this life. Jesus said He is the way the truth and the life and that no one can go to God the Father except through Him (John 14:6). We either believe that or we don’t. And we need to seek opportunities to talk with people about the truth of what happens at death.