Madison Christian Church

Devotional – August 25, 2014

I’m trying to not get ahead of myself today.  But I’m very excited about a new sermon series we will begin a week from this coming Sunday on the book of Job.

I normally spend Mondays studying for the sermon I will preach in 13 days.  Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (editing day), I work on the sermon for the coming Sunday based on the foundational work from the previous Monday.  I sometimes sneak in some sermon work on Friday when Cindy’s not looking – just kidding!!!  So today I am really excited about this new series.

In Job we find a book that was written to deal with one of life’s most perplexing issues: why do good and decent people sometimes go through unbelievable suffering.  I know no one is “good” in the sense that not even the best human can be righteous on his/her own.  But you know what I mean.  There are very nice and good people in this world who suffer one bad thing after another.

The issue we are dealing with is in theology referred to as “Theodicy”.  If God is all powerful and good, why does He allow good people to suffer?  Either He is not able to stop the suffering – which would mean He is not all-powerful, or He is able to stop it but simply doesn’t – which would mean He is not good.  Job is given to us to deal with that issue.  And we will see that God will not allow us to try and trap Him into some corner with our philosophical dilemma systems.

Read through the book of Job.  Pray about this series.  Also, invite friends of yours to come to church with you as we begin this series.  Maybe you have some friends who have been going through some very difficult circumstances in their life.  If so, if they do not go to church somewhere at this time – tell them about this series and invite them.  Pray for God to open the hearts of these friends and invite them.