Madison Christian Church

Devotional Feb. 12, 2018

“We’re on a mission from God.” Those words are a quote from the movie Blues Brothers – which I loved back in the late 70’s. Someone gave me a T-shirt that says, “I’m on a mission from God.” Friday is my day off. Cindy and I went to Biscuit house in east Nashville, near our house this past Friday. I wore that shirt. I was hoping someone would ask me what mission God had given me. I was disappointed that no one asked.

But it got me to thinking: what would I say if someone looked at my shirt and asked, “And what is this mission?”   How would you answer that question? Some Christians might say, “My mission is to let people know they have alienated themselves from God by sinning. And they need to be made righteous. And to be righteous they have to repent of sins, confess Jesus as Lord, be baptized into Him for the remission of their sins. And then the atoning work of the blood of Christ on the cross will be applied to their lives to provide redemption from sins. After that, the Holy Spirit will come into their lives and begin His work of sanctification throughout their lives until they die or until the return of Christ. “

There could be a problem getting them to listen from that point on.

So – how would you say it if someone asked you about your meaning and purpose in life (or your mission from God)? I think I might begin by asking them a question like: What do you believe about God? Or, I might say: This phrase on my shirt is a reference to an old movie I loved – The Blues Brothers. But since you asked, my mission is to tell everyone I can that they need to turn their lives around and live for God. And they can do that by admitting they need Him and then accepting the one and only way He has provided for them to be right with Him. And so my mission is to tell everyone who is interested, about that one and only way. Are you interested?”

I don’t know. That could maybe use some work. But we need to be ready. And we need to be sure not to water it down. Jesus came and immediately called people to repent (that is why I used the phrase “turn their lives around” – that’s what repent means).

All we can do is to be ready and to tell others. We need to look for ways to get people to bring it up or build a relationship with people to the point where we feel we’ve earned the right to just tell them even if they never do ask. People will oppose us and oppose this message due to pride, rebellion, a love for darkness – or some smoke screen. But we have to find a way to tell them. This gospel is not our own idea. Romans 1:1 says it is “the gospel of God”. The gospel is all His idea not ours. And this truth enables us to be confident that because He said there is only one way (John 14:6), it means there really is only one way.

Pray for one person that God will bring into your life this day or this week to share this good news with. Think through – what you will say. How would you answer anyone who asks, “What is your mission from God?”