Madison Christian Church

Devotional – February 10, 2014

Last night Cindy and I watched the Grammy’s Tribute to the Beatles.  It was 50 years ago last night the Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.  Ironically, it was also Sunday February 9th back then in 1964.  It brought back great memories and it was a very respectful tribute to them.  They acknowledged how influential the Beatles were on the entire music industry and American culture.

I’m sure there are many who wish they could be as big as the Beatles were/are and wish they could have such significance in music history.  But that was really a once in a lifetime kind of moment.  Everything was juuuust right for their impact and it will probably never happen like that again.

I got to thinking about the contrast between them and many influential Christians in our lives.  Many of us can point to those who have influenced us in our relationship with Jesus and our love for the Bible and for the church.

How did they do it?  They did it just by loving the Church of Jesus with all of their hearts and by continued faithful and CONSISTENT study of His word and service in the church over the long haul.  The contrast I’d like to make with the illustration of the Beatles influence is this:  While their impact was probably a once in a life time thing, the influence for God’s kingdom will continue to go on and on and it will continue to infiltrate the entire earth.  The great part is – you don’t have to be anything spectacular to be a part of it.  It takes people who love Jesus, His word and His bride to faithfully serve.  And another great thing, is if you’re willing to let God use you, He will and it will have an influence not merely on some aspect of history in a world that is temporary.  He will use you to have influence literally for eternity!

Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a little bit of yeast (Luke 13:20,21) that a woman mixed into about 60 lbs. of flour and it worked all through the dough.  Just that little bit – and it spread like crazy.  The kingdom of God is so powerful!  What a privilege to be a part of something that is eternally influential!  What a privilege to be invited to be a part of that influence in even some small way where things don’t have to lined up perfectly and things don’t have to be juuuust right for it to work.  It works because the power behind it does not come from us but from HIM.