Madison Christian Church

Devotional – February 17, 2014

Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.”  Truth makes a difference.  Truth matters.  We need to know how to interpret the Bible so we do not fall into false teachings of any variety.   False teachings are related to the reason why a snake-handling preacher in KY recently died from a snake bite after refusing medical treatment.  Truth matters – and that theology is not true.

This past Saturday I met a man who has experienced false teaching of some other variety.  He stopped in here at the office and asked if we had record of his baptism certificate.  He said he was baptized here probably 16-17 years ago.  I told him we do not have it.

I asked him where he lived.  He said in Amarillo, TX.  I asked what church he attends.  He said he hasn’t attended church for years.  I asked why he wanted his baptism certificate.  He said he wanted it as evidence of his salvation.  He’s been taught something false somewhere.

I told him the evidence of salvation is not a baptism certificate.  I told him baptism is important but living a baptized life is more important.  Living a baptized life means that we live as people w ho were buried with Christ in baptism.  Burials happen to people who are dead.  So we died in our baptism.  Why?  So we will live a new life.  How do buried people live a new life when they’re dead?  By being raised with Christ.  That’s what Romans 6:1-4 teaches.  And that is the truth.  My question for you and for me is this:  Are we living a baptized life?  That’s the real certificate of baptism.