Madison Christian Church

Devotional February 26, 2018

We are sometimes such a mess. And we make things more of a mess by turning to anything but the Lord.   If you can pull yourself away from what you’re doing for about 3 minutes (if you think that’s said with a sarcastic tone – you’re right J), turn in your Bible to Amos chapter 5 and read it.

Amos was a shepherd who was also a prophet. God laid on his heart the problem of Israel’s idolatry. In verse 4 God said to them, “Seek me and live.” In verse 6 He said it again, “Seek the Lord and live…” He told them, “do not seek Bethel, and do not enter Gilgal or cross over to Beersheba…”

Why did He say that? Those places had some incredible meanings for the history of Israel. But God had told them to worship Him in Jerusalem. They ignored God and went to these places where very important things took place in their history. They worshiped God there – BUT – they also worshiped idols there.

They turned to their history rather than to the Lord. They turned to their own understanding rather than to obeying the Lord. This led them to idolatry and to ignoring the poor among them.

Amos was calling them and I believe the message is still ringing today to call us stop worshiping God on our own terms; to stop making idols of things in our lives – even good and legitimate and significant things. We need to quit seeking our own good and SEEK HIM AND LIVE. He is where true life is found. We have to stop making idols of our history – whether sorrows or successes and turn to the Lord Himself!