Madison Christian Church

Devotional – February 2nd, 2015

You never know from one day to the next what you’re going to experience.  One day you may be riding high and feel on top of the world.  And the next day or even later that same day you may be hit with something that has your head spinning.

Being a Christian does not exempt you from accidents, terminal illnesses, natural disasters, leaking roofs or car troubles.  But, being a Christians enables you to have a foundation that will withstand all of the storms of life.  Someone said, “God had one Son without sin, but He has no sons without suffering.”

In Mark 6:45-56 we read about the time the disciples were obeying Jesus by getting into a boat to go over ahead of Him to Bethsaida and a furious storm came up on the sea of Galilee.  And they were straining at the oars trying to control the boat.  And they looked and saw Jesus walking to them on the water.

He called out to them “Take courage.  It is I. Do not be afraid.”  He got into the boat and the wind died down.  That’s just like Him.  He does that in our lives as well.  When we are “straining at the oars” in the storms in our lives, if we look closely, we will see Him coming to us walking right over the storm and telling us not to be afraid.  And He doesn’t always calm down the storm – but if He doesn’t, He will give us calm in the storm.  He doesn’t promise exemption from trouble, but promises protection through trouble  if we hold on to Him.   He does not always bring peace to our circumstances, but He will bring peace to us in the midst of those circumstances.