Madison Christian Church

Devotional – February 9th, 2015

We are seeing fewer and fewer people in churches across America.  The national average of church attendance continues to decline.  People are fashioning their own spirituality and even their own brand of a “church-less Christianity”. Why?  Because of “all the hypocrites” etc etc.  In an attempt to lure people back to the church, many churches are compromising on Biblical values and are reflecting the culture around us more and more.

Some Christians are fearful for the future of the Church.  But I’m not.  Jesus promised, “…I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (Matt. 16:18).

I read this in a book by Bob Russell… “The Roman Empire looked invincible, but Caesar is gone and the church still stands.  Hitler appeared so powerful, but Hitler is dead and the church lives on.  (Years ago) Communism looked so threatening.  ‘We will  bury you’ Kruschev promised.   His successors sneered, ‘There is no God”.  But today Communism is crumbling.  Doors are opening in Russia’s satelite nations and Christians are rushing in with Bibles.  The Church is prospering.”

Pastor Richard Wurmbrandt was a prisoner in a Communist prison camp in Romania for over a decade.  An interrogator said to him, “Don’t you realize I have the authority to take your life?!”  But Wurmrbrandt said, “Sir, place your hand over my heart.  If it beats rapidly, you can know I am afraid.  But if it beats steadily, you can know there is a God in heaven who gives me courage in the face of your threat.”

We should never fear the anti-Christian and anti-Church rhetoric of people today.  No matter what kind of government we ever have, no matter what Hollywood or celebrities say, always remember that Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”(Matt. 24:35).