Madison Christian Church

Devotional for 2-25-19

God has been so refreshing.  Here are some recent examples: our basement nearing completion and looking better than I ever anticipated (!) with so many members and non-members working together and giving so much time (on Saturdays and through the week); our Advisory Team (made up of men and women of MCC) are helping me work through ideas, helping to shepherd etc.; Men’s Sunday School class as a compliment to the already strong Women’s Sunday School class we offer; the desire for more discipleship groups (we have a Men’s Discipleship Pancake Breakfast this Saturday at 8 AM); a continued enthusiasm in our children’s and youth ministries; Winter Workout Wednesdays; wonderful times of worship on Sundays with many volunteers stepping up to lead; the gospel of John series; the number of visitors we have had who have been returning; and just an overall atmosphere of love, encouragement and unity. 

In last several months of 2018 and so far in 2019 we have had several families who have visited and have been returning to MCC.  And they’ve been such a huge blessing to us. Yesterday we were blessed to have several people worshiping with us for the first time.  I think this is a very encouraging season we are in and it is so nice to be able to say that again.

I want to encourage you to put yourself at God’s disposal to be part of the effort to keep this going.  How?  Here are some ways: attend and worship faithfully (partial involvement will not bless you nor the church body but being faithful will and it’s pleasing to God; of course it’s more than attendance but attending will make your worship more likely); serve (if you’re not serving you will not feel as passionate about the Church or about God’s kingdom); Give (we ALWAYS seem to find money for what is important to us…give off the top – He blesses that…He just does!); Invite (when you invite others it makes you more accountable and as you see more people coming your own passion and enthusiasm for Christ and His kingdom grows); and PRAY (!)…ask God to lead us, to grow His kingdom among us, to give you a greater passion for Him and for lost people or for people looking for a church home. 

How can we be “successful”?  Forget the American definition of success…it is smoke and mirrors relying.  The definition of being successful as a church is in being faithful to our call to spread the word and make disciples.  In this regard we are like the postal service.  The USPS measures success by the delivery of the messages they are given and NOT by the response of the recipients.  When we invite or when we make an effort to share the gospel, we have succeeded.   The Holy Spirit will work in His own way taking into account the recipient’s own free-will.  He will take care of that end of it.  We are only accountable to deliver it.  Let’s get at it.  Pray that God will show you an open door into the life of someone to “deliver the mail”.  FOLLOW JESUS BRING OTHERS (our new mission statement).  We want to get to know people and help them grow in their walk with God.  It’s pretty simple.