Madison Christian Church

Devotional for November 6, 2017

If you’ve been coming to MCC very long, it’s no secret that we are going through some difficult times. And it can be a struggle to not get down about that. I am on a page for preachers (from Christian Churches) on Facebook. Yesterday one of the guys chimed in asking for prayer because of struggles they are going through at his church. He said their attendance yesterday was the lowest it has been for 2017. About a dozen other preachers chimed in saying attendance is down at their church. They commented about the fact that the new normal for regular church attendance is about once or twice a month. Now, of course while we care about it, church attendance is not the measure of success in the Christian life or of the church as a whole. But it is part of being a Christian.

Well, what do we do? We are very willing to talk with any of you who have questions or concerns about things at church. We are going to be contacting every single member of MCC about this.

In the mean time, we are going to focus on the positive. We had a great time of worship and study yesterday here at MCC. We had a great turnout last week for Trunk or Treat! There were so many people from the community here meeting people from our church. We had a great men’s Advance last month with 15 guys from the church who have gotten to know each other so much better – what a great time! Also, we have some enthused younger adults. And you should see them and the great time of fellowship we have at our volleyball games on Thursday nights. It is a blast. We have a good group of guys meeting at Buffalo Wild Wings for Sunday Night Men’s football. Our Wednesday night Fall Kickoff is a great time of food and study and people are getting to know each other every week at these studies. We have a great study for ladies on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. We are looking forward to seeing things happen in our basement and gathering area to improve the appearance of our facility. We have many wonderful babies and children and adults working with those kids and our Teens are a great source of joy for this church.   We are also a missions-minded church. We give to missions and to our community as we are doing with the Thanksgiving boxes this coming Sunday. The worship is engaging and draws us closer to the Lord. We are a church that is focused on the Bible. We have had at least 20 people who have begun coming to MCC this year on a regular basis and most of them have become members (some are still to come). Cindy and I are hosting a New Members Dessert this Sunday at our home.

And two other things that are positive things going on here at MCC is that we have many people here who love the Lord Jesus and not only that but we love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Those are absolutely marks of success in the Christian life and as a Church.

No local church is without its flaws.   And we need to constantly strive to get better – and we are doing that. But who would like us to focus on the flaws? I don’t even have to answer that question. The Lord would prefer we focus on the things HE is doing here. If we focus on the negative we are taking glory away from the Lord for the good things He is doing. Let’s grow and improve and pray and give our best to Him. BUT let’s be bold in praising God for many good things He is doing. And if we focus on Him and praise Him – He will bring healing and bring renewal on His terms (not ours) and in His way (not ours).