Madison Christian Church

Devotional for September 24, 2018

Sometimes when I pray my mind wanders. I’ve thought about this often. And I wonder, “Does this mean I’m not praying sincerely?”

It happens like this… I begin to pray and then a random thought comes to my mind about something I wish I hadn’t said to Cindy or to someone else; or I feel guilt about something I did or thought; or I think about the stress of all I have to get done and what seems to be not enough time; a discouraging thought comes to mind. Etc. etc.

Recently, I read an article about this very thing. The gist of the article is not to feel guilty about those distracting thoughts. The writer said it’s a good idea to use those distracting thoughts as my prayer topics even if they seem unrelated. The writer said this: “I often notice that my distracting thoughts are related to the deepest fears and anxieties that subconsciously pull me away from Jesus throughout the day. When I pray, He is letting them come to the surface so that I will give them to Him.  We don’t have to feel guilty about the thoughts that distract us during prayer – we should notice them, name them, and tell Jesus about them. He’s been waiting to hear about them all day.”

I got to thinking about the fact that many of the Psalms that we have in the Bible are those kinds of conversations with God from David and others. Talking with Him about the thoughts that come to us. Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.” And then as the thoughts come to your mind (about relationships, finances, work or career related issues – whatever), talk with Him about them and ask Him to take those situations and guide you through them.