Madison Christian Church

Devotional – July 7, 2014

We can be quirky people.  Most of us are quick to point to passages that highlight the sins we are not currently committing.  And we say, “See?!  God hates this sin!”  Most of us would look at 1 Cor. 6:9-11 and what would be the one sin most of us would point to and say, “Aha!  This IS a sin and those who commit it will face God’s judgment!”  Most likely, many Christians would point to the sin of homosexuality.

But this list also includes sexual immorality, adultery, theft, greed, drunkenness, bad-mouthing others, and violently taking things from others.  I do NOT want to give the impression that I believe all sin is the same.  As I’ve said before, in one sense all sin is the same in that one sin separates us from God.  So if a person is lost – it doesn’t matter which sin put them into a lost state.  They are lost no matter what the sin is.  BUT, some sins are more serious in God’s eyes than others.  There apparently is a sin that leads to death – according to John 5:16,17.  Jesus said there is an unforgiveable sin in Mark 3:29.  In this chapter of 1 Cor. 6 in verse 18 Paul mentions that sexual sin is different than others sins.  So there IS  difference.

Homosexuality is NOT the only sexual sin though.  Adultery is a sexual sin.  Fornication (which is any sexual relationship outside of the confines of marriage) is sin.  Lust is a sexual sin.  Christians have become known for focusing on homosexuality partly because many people are wanting us to condone that behavior and see it as perfectly normal.

We should not give in and say that such behavior is not a sin.  We would be clearly violating Scripture to do so!  BUT, we must also remember two things:  1. Our sins are sinful and displeasing to God too.  Remember that slandering someone else is mentioned in this list of sins.  That doesn’t degrade the seriousness of homosexuality or other sexual sins.  But it does say something about the seriousness of the sin of saying something bad about someone; it says something about the seriousness of greed, drunkenness and taking things that do not belong to us.   So remember your sins and  my sins are displeasing to God too; 2. We need to show the same love and grace to others as we have experienced from God.  Showing love and grace doesn’t mean telling people that any behavior is “okay”.  But it does mean to let them know God loves them as much as He loves us and He can change them over time as He is changing us over time.