Madison Christian Church

Devotional June 11, 2018

So in 2018, who have you invited to come with you to church? One of our elders clarified in our meeting yesterday that our job is to invite people to Jesus not to church.   He was not meaning that we should not invite people to church but that getting them to come to a church worship service is not the ultimate goal.   And we discussed how while that is true, inviting people to church is a good potential bridge into a discussion with people about Jesus.

Rebecca Manley Pippert wrote a book a long time ago and the very first sentence still is true today. She wrote, “Christians and non-Christians have something in common: We’re both uptight about evangelism.”

Non-Christians are uptight and say, “I don’t want someone forcing their beliefs down my throat.” Christians are uptight and say, “I don’t want to offend people or make things awkward between me and my non-Christian friends.” Some Christians say, “I don’t have any non-Christian friends.”

Neither excuse is legit. We need to get over our fear of offending people and we need to develop friends with non-Christians.

The book by this remarkable woman was entitled “Out of the Saltshaker”. I was eating some hard boiled eggs as I read this book again. I was putting salt on my egg.   And I looked at the shaker and thought of it as a church building. All that salt is doing nothing to flavor anything if it just sits in the salt shaker.

To get salt out of the salt shaker, you have to shake it. Would you be willing to consider this brief devotional as God’s way maybe of shaking the salt shaker that is MCC? Ask the Lord to shake us up and get us out of the salt shaker and out into the lives of people. Invite someone to come with you this Sunday (Fathers’ Day). Make it your aim that if they accept and come you will follow up with them about their impressions of what they hear and see. If they refuse go ahead and ask what they think about God and if they’ve ever thought about Him and what He wants in our lives.

Whatever the case pray. Jesus said to pray earnestly that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers out into his harvest field. He was praying that the Lord would shake the salt shaker and get the salt out to do its job. So again, in 2018 who have you invited and who will you invite?