Madison Christian Church

Devotional June 26, 2017

Jesus said, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37). What is the best way for you to draw close to love the Lord? Jesus spoke of using our heart, soul and mind. He was saying we need to get to know the Lord and love in all aspects of our being.

One author I’ve been reading warns that we have to be careful. All of us have a particular personality type that makes us seek to know the Lord that suits us. Those who are extraverts love to spend time with other Christians in groups, classes and corporate worship. Other who are intuitive prefer time alone and find they feel closer to the Lord in solitude and reflection.

Some thinking persons like to focus on structure and theology. These thinkers tend to ignore feelings and find emotional experiences to be shallow and superficial.   Thinkers will be willing to tolerate mediocre worship services if the preaching and teaching are on track.

Other people are feelers and find very emotional worship experiences the way to be close to God. These people will tolerate mediocre preaching if they get chills up and down their spine and tears in their eyes during the singing aspect of worship.

The author said, “The results of such one-sided spirituality can be devastating to our spiritual pilgrimage.” He calls the side of us that is not strongest our “shadow side”. And he said that side of our personality that is not as prominent will sooner or later demand attention.

I agree with him that there are certain spiritual activities that each of us prefer.   We have to be careful though not to have such a one-sided approach to getting to know the Lord. It is dangerous in two ways: 1. It can lead to pride – thinking our way is the only way to really get close to the Lord: thinkers thinking emotional types are flakes and shallow; feelers thinking (or feeling) that thinkers are boring and spiritually dead; 2. It can lead to being very vulnerable in our “shadow side”. We need to be willing to stretch ourselves to get to know the Lord in all aspects of our being. Because even a thinker feels and feelers think. Be careful not to look down on others and not to neglect other parts of your being.