Madison Christian Church

Devotional March 14, 2016

I can put his name on this devotional as he has launched this campaign publicly in an attempt to acquire a new ministry spacecraft.  That’s right – there is a preacher seeing if he can get enough people to “sow a seed” (i.e. give him money) to procure a spacecraft to take his ministry into outer space.  His name Creflo Dollar (what an appropriate name).  He said, “My travel schedule simply cannot be fulfilled without the acquisition of a long-range, high-speed, interplanetary spacecraft. It’s an absolute necessity.”  I read this and my eyes rolled like crazy.  How is it that people fall for this?  But maybe there are many lost people in outer space…Lost In Space!

This news came out just a week before we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Now this man  Patrick lived a life that was truly admirable and noteworthy.  He did not take advantage of anyone.  We aren’t sure exactly when he was born but many believe it was in A.D. 389.  He lived approximately 72 years and there are some legends that may or may not be true.  But what we do know is that at the age of 16 he was captured in Britain by some men who sold him as a slave in Ireland.  He escaped 6 years after serving as a slave.  After escaping he returned home.  His grandparents and his parents had taught him the truth of the gospel from his earliest years.  During his years of slavery, he used that time not resenting God but drawing close to Him and internalizing his faith.

After a while he was convicted about leaving Ireland where he had served as a slave.  So guess what he did.  He went back for the purpose of sharing the gospel with the very people who had enslaved him.  Spreading the gospel was what he believed God had called him to do.  He was not highly educated yet devoted his time to learning God’s word and encouraging others to do the same.  He literally led thousands of men and women to Christ and baptized and ordained countless men into the ministry.

While many are manipulating people and giving Christianity a bad name, let’s be good witnesses.  And let’s use this time of year to pray to God for an open door into the life of someone to invite them to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with us Easter Sunday.  We celebrate that great event EVERY week (actually daily).  But let’s make use of this time when people are open to invitations to come to church.  Pray for an open door and then use it when God provides it.