Madison Christian Church

Devotional, March 28, 2016

I heard it this past week.  I was drinking coffee at a local establishment and reading through my sermon notes.  One man invited another man (a total stranger) to his church for Easter.  I thought, “Good man.”  The invitee said, “No thanks man.  I’m an atheist.”  And the “church-guy” said, “Well that’s alright. Atheists are welcome any time.”  I thought, “Well played.”  He told him about the church but the “atheist” politely declined.   The one guy said, “Well what are you going to do tomorrow that you can’t at least give it a try?”  And he said, “I’m going to get up, have breakfast, mow my lawn and watch T.V. and relax with family.”   It was a nice effort on the one guy’s part and a cordial refusal from the other.  But as they parted ways, the one who claimed to be an atheist said, “Happy Easter”.

And I started feeling sad for him.  If there is no God as he claims, why would Easter (or any day for that matter) be “happy”?  I got to thinking, “What would I be like as an atheist?”  And I am afraid of what I’d be like.  I know how I struggle even having the Holy Spirit in my life.  I was sad because I thought of what it must be like to believe that this life is all there is and to have nothing outside of ourselves on which to base any meaning or sense of morality.

Psalm 14:1 says, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God’.”   This Sunday, we are beginning a series on “Answering Tough Questions”.  And the first question we will consider is “Why Should I Believe in God?”  A week from Sunday we will try to respond to the question of “How Can God Be Three in One?”  I hope this series will help us develop some solid reasons for our faith.  Pray for me and for all of us.   And while you’re at it, invite people to come with you who may be asking similar questions.