Madison Christian Church

Devotional – May 28, 2014

In a chapter I read by Gary Johnson, he referenced an old T.V. show I enjoyed called Columbo starring Peter Falk (who died in 2011).  Falk had a glass eye after undergoing a surgery to remove a tumor when he was three years old.  He was an athlete in high school.  One time he was called out at third base when he knew he was safe.  He took out his glass eye and offered it to the umpire saying, “You’ll do better with this.”

Sometimes things can be right in front of us and we don’t see them.  We become blinded by various things.  Traditions can be very good but if we’re not careful they can also blind us.

Jesus told us to “Go and make disciples”.  He said “Go…”   I wonder if church buildings have blinded us to Jesus’ command to “Go”.  Church buildings began to be built around A.D. 200.  Before that, they met in homes.  They would occasionally get all of the house churches together if they could find a large enough structure to hold everyone.  But usually their Sunday morning services were held in homes.

The rest of the week they would “Go” and read out to lost people in an attempt to lead them to Christ.  Jesus told us to “Go”.  But many times we look at our church buildings and hear the word, “Stay”.  Jesus said He came to “seek…the lost”.  But many times we look at our church buildings and say, “Let the lost seek the church.”

Church buildings can be very good things and helpful.  But let’s not allow these structures and other structures within the church to blind us to our need to “Go” and to “Seek”.  Let’s be the Church on the move this week and Go to and Seek the lost.  Invite someone to come with you this Sunday.