Madison Christian Church

Devotional- May 4, 2015

I remember a story from a few years ago where a woman was arrested for negligence and other charges due to the fact that she left her two young children alone at home, while she went off on a brief foreign vacation.  Many of us were dumbfounded how a mother could do such a thing.  She said she had no one with whom she could leave them.


As a father and a grandfather, I find that unimaginable.  Cindy and I have had the wonderful blessing of being able to have watched all four of our grandchildren several times over the past few weeks.  Occasionally, our kids will give us some instructions in watching them based on the recent behaviors of the babies.  They give us instructions as they leave them in our care, not because they do not trust us.  Just the opposite is true.  They give us instructions and leave them with us because they do trust them to our care.


I am taken by the prayer Jesus prayed for His disciples in John 17:9-19.  Jesus was leaving the disciples and was entrusting them to His Father’s care.  He said, “I am praying for them…for they are yours.”  What did He pray or ask His Father to do as He was leaving them?  He prayed, “keep them in your name”; “that they may be one”; “keep them from the evil one”; “sanctify them (make them holy) in the truth”.  Isn’t that a wonderful prayer.  Imagine Him praying that for you and for me.  In reality – He did!  In vs. 20 He said, “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word…”


It means so much to me to know that by extension, Jesus prayed for me/us.  Take time to pray those things for yourself… “keep me in Your name”; “help me be one with other believers”; keep me from the evil one”; “make me holy in your truth”.  And if you have children/grandchildren – pray those things for them