Madison Christian Church

Devotional – May 5, 2014

In yesterday’s sermon on being a studying community, we looked at 2 Timothy 2:14,15 as Paul told Timothy to warn the church against getting into battles over words because they are of no value and ruins those who get caught up in such things.

We looked at how becoming better students of the Bible can help us recognize which disputes are valid or foolish.  Some disputes need to be addressed as Paul did in a number of his letters.  Other disputes are better to ignore.

Some Christians will spend hours talking and arguing over whether or not God created the world in six 24-hour days or over long periods of time.  Some get hung up on whether we should call the place where we worship together a “sanctuary” or “auditorium”.  Many Christians will divide over whether or not a preacher should be called an “evangelist” “preacher” or “pastor”.

There are some very opinionated believers that say if we refer to Jesus using the English pronunciation with a  “J” sound instead of calling Him Yeshuah, we will be condemned!  They say God wants us to call the Messiah by His name in Hebrew.  But even those groups are divided over the exact pronunciation of Yeshuah – is it Yeshuah? Yahshuah? Yehoshua? Yahoshuah?  These kinds of teachings smack of elitism and spiritual pride.  Many cults are born out of the desire to have some secret knowledge or novel idea about which most Christians are (as they will say) “sadly in the dark”.  This kind of thing is much like the Gnosticism the early Christians were facing.

In my opinion, all such debates are foolish and a waste of time and can ruin people who get caught up in them.  Nowhere in Scripture do we see that having the correct view on such things is essential.  I believe such disputes are tactics of the enemy to get us sidetracked and off our task of taking the  gospel to the lost.