Madison Christian Church

Devotional – November 10, 2014

Dallas Willard used the term, “Vampire Christians” in reference to people who were not true disciples of Jesus.  These “Vampire Christians” want all the benefits of knowing Christ without the responsibilities.  They are the ones who are basically saying, “Jesus, could I have some of your blood, please?”  After they receive it, they want nothing to do with Him.  They want the  forgiveness o sins, a clean conscience and the promise of heaven when they die – but that’s it.  They might go to church every now and then and check in with Him on occasion (so to speak) – but that’s it.

Jesus wants more than that.  He wants a full-fledged relationship.  That’s what being a disciple of Jesus is.  I heard/read a good definition of a Disciple from Bobby Harrington and Jim Putman.  “”Disciples follow Jesus, form their lives around Jesus, and faithfully join the mission of Jesus.”  THAT is about a relationship with Him.  That goes way beyond the scope of the “Vampire Christians.”

Jesus said in Matthew 7:23 that on the day of judgment, some who thought they were Christians will be in for the shock of their lives (and their eternal lives) when He will say to them, “I never knew you.  Away from me you evildoers!”  Can you imagine the horror and shock that awaits some people who thought they were just fine spiritually speaking?  They called Him Lord, they even did some works of ministry and displayed some powerful signs of gifts – but in the end they will be lost!  Why?  Because they wanted all the benefits of Jesus without actually knowing Jesus personally.

Every single one of us should constantly be pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus – where we are following Him, forming our lives around Him and faithfully joining His mission of making disciples of other people.