Madison Christian Church

Devotional – Oct. 12, 2015

From a very early time in our lives, we have a sense of what is and is not fair.  As children we would say to our parents, “That’s not fair!” if our brother or sister got to do something we didn’t get to do.  We would say it at school if we got a lower grade than we thought we deserved.  We’ve said it in the workplace when someone got a bonus or a promotion they didn’t deserve while we received nothing.  Some have even said to God, “God, that’s not fair!”

Jack Cottrell is one of our Christian Church theologians I’ve admired, met and corresponded with on Facebook a few times.  He has helped me in my developing understanding of God’s grace more than anyone I know.  And he said that most people of the world including many who call themselves Christians try to apply the fairness mentality to salvation.

But let me remind all of us about this fact: when it comes to salvation, forget about fairness!  If we want God to be fair to us on the Day of Judgment, we will go to hell.  Why?  Because that is what sinners deserve.  If you were 99.9% good and holy throughout your life – and you relied on fairness – you would be separated from God for eternity.  James 2:10 says, “For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it.”

So if you and I want eternity with God, think in terms of GRACE.  Grace is the opposite of fairness.  Grace means that on the Day of Judgment we not only do not get what we do deserve (that’s mercy), but we also get the opposite of what we deserve.  In grace, we get the opposite of fairness.

Yes in life – fairness is a good thing very often.  Children should be taught to play fair and share.  We should expect human courts to be fair in administering justice.  We should expect fair pay for an honest day’s work.  But regarding salvation our only hope is grace – which is the opposite of fairness.  On the scales of God’s justice – the only thing that outweighs our sins is the cross of Christ. Praise Him!