Madison Christian Church

Devotional Oct. 8, 2018

I’m tired and refreshed at the same time. This past weekend we had our annual men’s retreat at the Lithgow’s cabin on Center Hill lake. The beauty is captivating. The cabin is huge. The food was incredible and there was way too much of it (not that I’m complaining!). The interaction with the men was fantastic in every way. We stayed up late. The conversations about church life were so encouraging.   In our discussions there were comments from various men who are relatively new to MCC that this is a great time for us and there seems to be a harmonious spirit. We had so much fun out on the lake and then skeet shooting. We had good studies and worship and quiet time.

It made me think about something I read of the value of “minute retreats”. A minute retreat is where you allow God to bring some refreshment to you on occasion throughout your day. It’s not just taking a breath or relaxing for a moment. But it is taking literally “minute retreats”. It may be at a traffic light, or in a line of cars at a drive through or in a traffic jam or when you are put on hold on your phone by someone.

The Puritans used to encourage believers to turn the routine into the holy or to “improve a stray minute here or there” even in the busiest of days. Try this. Take those unexpected opportunities God gives you…even if it’s 30 seconds. Use that time to look to Christ more intentionally and try resting in your faith in Him. Sing a song of praise to Him (one verse or a quick chorus). Think about things of Jesus that you love and want to see in yourself. Say “Lord I’m here. I love you. Thank you for loving me and being with me. Help me to sense your presence and your peace. Calm my nerves – let me rest in you. Say ‘Peace be still’ over my restless heart and hectic pace.” Then continue on with whatever you were doing. It is a “minute retreat”.