Madison Christian Church

Devotional October 23, 2017

In yesterday’s sermon I mentioned that Martin Luther said that there were times when he was tempted that he actually shouted out loud, “I’ve been baptized.” There were a few times yesterday (Sunday) afternoon where I had to say to myself, “I’ve been baptized.” I’ve said it today. But just a little bit ago, I failed to say it and remind myself and I thought and said something I regret. Thankfully, no one was around me at the time.

We are in a constant battle with our flesh. Paul said in Romans 6:2 “we died to sin”. Some have taken this to mean that we can attain sinless perfection in this life. He was saying that sin no longer rules over us. We are not enslaved to it any longer because of what Christ has done. This should result in a growing holiness within us – sanctification.

I should see a growth in my personal holiness as each year passes. I should see the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit within my life as He helps me to conform to the pattern of living we saw/see in Jesus as laid out for us in the gospels.

As you go through the day, let me urge you (and urge myself), to stop when tempted and think, “I’ve been baptized”/ “I’ve died to sin”. Let’s follow together what we read yesterday in 6:12 of Romans, “Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, to make you obey its passions.”