Madison Christian Church

Devotional – October 26th, 2014

Whenever we are on vacation, we ALWAYS look forward to coming back to MCC!  We just finished a sermon series on Job.  During the month of November I am going to do a sermon series to prepare for the first series I’ll be doing in 2015.  For the five Sundays of November I will do a series on “Becoming a Disciple of Jesus”.  This is basically a series on what the Bible says about how a person enters into a saving relationship with Jesus – how a person becomes a Christian.

In 2015 I plan to begin with a series on BEING a Disciple of Jesus.  So we will look at Becoming a Disciple and then Being a  Disciple.

Here’s why I’m planning to do this: Many churches seek to grow through what can be labeled as an “Attractional Model”.  That means some churches (and we have been guilty of this in the past) strive to grow by doing things to attract a crowd.   The motives can be fine but this method can lend itself to doing things that are fads and maybe even culturally driven.   Some churches have compromised on some Biblical truths in order to “attract” a crowd.

A better model is the Biblical model  of Discipleship.  It is the hope of our eldership that we will be a church committed to making disciples.  I am going to strive to do this more in 2015.  I am hoping that Nate and I can help us become a Disciple making church.  Please be in prayer for us as we try to follow the great commission of Jesus.  There is no getting around this IF we are going to  be the Church He has called us to be.  If we focus on being disciples of Jesus and making more disciples for Him, growth would seem to be a natural by-product.  Let’s focus on that and leave the growth to Him.  I believe He will bless us with more and more people if He knows we are a place sold-out to His commission.

The first sermon in our series on Becoming a Disciple of Jesus will be about the need to HEAR the Word of God.  Be in prayer for this series.  And ALSO, invite people to come with you who have not yet given their lives to Jesus.  If you have friends who are not yet in a saving relationship with Christ, this may be a helpful series – so invite them to come with you and pray that God will soften their hearts to your invitation and to the messages.