Madison Christian Church

Devotional – September 29, 2014

What a great day yesterday was.  And it had nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with my team winning and beating our arch rivals.  The older I’m getting the less I am caring about how my football team does.  Some would say that’s because they’re not very good.  I think I am finally beginning to see it (football and sports in general) for what it is meant to be…entertainment.  It’s an aside to the stuff of real importance.

Yesterday was a great day was for two main reasons:   our daughter Meagan gave birth to our grandson Titus Russell Webb.  As great as that was and is, it’s NOT the main reason yesterday was great.

The MAIN reason yesterday was great – was because it was the LORD’s day and we gathered again to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Nothing is greater than worshiping the Creator of the universe!  I love gathering with Christians to worship God revealed in Christ!  And I was so moved as we sang How Great is Our God which led right into How Great Thou Art.

I got to thinking about Paul saying in Ephesians 5:19 “addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart…”  I love many of the old hymns.  One of my teachers in Bible College taught about the difference between gospel songs and hymns.  A gospel song tells others about our knowledge of and experiences with God.  A hymn is when we tell God of our adoration and praise to Him.  Hymns can be old or new, long or short, loud or quiet.  But they are always sung with the idea in mind that God is the audience

I can tell you how much my wife means to me and how beautiful I believe she is.  But, it is better if I tell her of my love for her and how much she means to me.  So, what I’m saying is this – it’s good to tell one another how much God means to us.  So those songs are good and appropriate to sing.  But I believe it is probably better to tell God how much He means to us.