Madison Christian Church

Devotional September 4, 2017

Someone we know from another town and another state posted something on Facebook that they were doing yesterday (Sunday) morning. They were not going to church that day. I wonder what they missed.

I’d like for you to consider two good reasons we should not miss going to church on Sundays (and yes I understand that we don’t “go to church – we ARE the church” – I get it. But you know what I mean). One reason we should never miss is out of a sense of duty. Hebrews 10:25 tells us not forsake the assembling of the saints as some are in the habit of doing.   I realize some would say, “Well, I usually do go but every now and then I go to the church of the hiking trail, or the church of the lake, or the golf course…” etc. etc.   And they are meaning that they just miss occasionally. But two things: – one don’t call it “the church of the lake” or whatever else. It’s not the church. We should be gathered with other believers for the sake of worship on the day Jesus rose from the dead as the early church did. Also, when people are at such places – they’re not taking the Lord’s Supper and hearing His word preached and I wonder how much actual worship takes place. So one reason is a sense of duty. There are worse things than doing things out of duty. Some say they won’t go if their heart is not in the right place. Well, if your body isn’t in the right place, it’s doubtful your heart will be in the right place.

But a second reason we should not miss that is often overlooked, is that we may miss something God wanted to say to us through the preaching of the word. Don’t get me wrong. I am not emphasizing the importance of “the preacher” but of “preaching”.   1 Corinthians 1:21 says, “…it pleased God through the folly of what we preach to save those who believe.”. If we miss church, we will possibly miss something God had for us from His word to bless us on that day. W.E. Sangster said once, “I went to a church one evening. I sat in the back row, not expecting anything. And I heard a sermon that has blessed me my entire life.”

So be sure to not to miss church this Sunday – wherever you are. I heard someone say, “I’ve never heard a sermon that didn’t speak to me in some way. Although there were a few close calls.”  🙂