Madison Christian Church


I recently read that 80% of people who do not have plans to attend church somewhere on Easter Sunday will accept an invitation from Christians.   You never know until you ask.  Have you invited someone?  Are they coming?  If not, invite someone else.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of those who have come to church at the invitation of a friend and eventually given their lives to Jesus – OR – given their lives back to Him.

This is one of two times a year, when people are most open to an invitation to go to church.

If you invite someone to come to Madison Christian with you, they will hear and maybe even sing along to some very uplifting songs about the resurrection of Jesus.

The message is entitled: “Easter People in a Good Friday World.”  It is based on the story given in Luke 24 of two men who had given up their hope in Jesus as the Messiah since He had been crucified.  The story of course ends with Jesus restoring their hope by a surprise visit.  He still restores hope in our lives even when things appear to be hopeless.

Pray and invite someone and pray again.  Then be here.  See you Easter Sunday as we celebrate the fact that the tomb of Jesus was empty and some real people literally encountered Him even though He had literally died on a cross.