Madison Christian Church


Make plans to commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus with us on “Good Friday” (next Friday, March 30th) at 6:00 P.M.

We have never had such a service before.  We will focus solely on the cross and will end with communion.  Scholars believe the actual crucifixion took place on April 3, A.D. 30 or April 7th A.D. 33.  We aren’t exactly sure – but it was most assuredly during this time of the year.

The service will last probably just under 1 hour.  Childcare is provided from the nursery on up to Pre-K & K ages.  If you would be so willing to serve the Lord by helping LeAnna cover the child care during this time, it would be so appreciated and allow others this special time of worship. I believe God will bless you for doing this service for others as well.  Let LeAnna or me (Tim Baines) know if you would be willing.

Invite others to come with you to this very reverent and solemn time of worship as we reflect on what our Lord went through to save us.