Madison Christian Church

Lauren Daigle’s comments on homosexuality

Like many of you, I enjoy hearing Lauren Daigle.  She is a phenomenal singer (she sounds very much like Adele) and loves the Lord.

Recently, she was interviewed as she has been getting a great deal of attention in the secular market.  The interviewer asked her if homosexuality is a sin.

You would think she would expect such a question today as many non-Christians want to know if we are on “their side” or if they can label us as haters and homo-phobes etc. etc.  She was vague at best in her reply.  She said she couldn’t really say because she has so many people she knows and loves who are homosexuals.  But that should not affect how we answer.  I have people I know and love who are liars and gossips –  but that doesn’t negate the fact that lying is a sin.  In her answer, after saying that she really couldn’t answer it, she said she tells people to read the Bible and then tell her what they find because she is also learning.  From a marketing standpoint that was a “safe” answer.  But in my opinion it was not truthful.

I know it’s hard to answer on the spot in a way that doesn’t burn bridges between yourself and others.  But her reply sounded a little week-kneed to me.

I believe it would’ve been best to have said:  “How I feel doesn’t matter. God is the one that makes that decision. My job is to point people toward him.”   And then to have added something like, “His word says unequivocally that it is sin.  As a follower of Christ, I go by His word and not my feelings or by what culture says.  And as a follower of Christ I will love those people even though I cannot condone the lifestyle.  I want to turn those  people toward Jesus and allow Him to bring healing to them as He is bringing healing to me in my areas of weakness.”

We (Christian Americans in the 21st century) have taken the idea that God accepts us as we are to mean that He is fine with us living in sin and no longer expects us to repent.  That is NOT Biblical.

I’m not condemning her for her reply.  I love her and am thankful for her.  But I do think as Christians we could use a little more backbone.  It seems to me that many Christians today are overreacting to the charge that we are heartless and condemning and hateful.  And, in order to avoid the appearance of that extreme, we have gone to the other extreme of ignoring what the Bible says on moral issues and watering the truth down.  Speaking the truth in love is essential even though it can be a difficult balance at times.

All of this said…Christians need to be more merciful to her for maybe not saying it exactly as they would say it if they were in her situation.  We should be gracious to one another and give each other the benefit of the doubt.  I am thankful she is gifted and using her gift to bring glory to Christ and has people willing to listen to her.  She is trying to be light in a dark place and salt.  Let’s cut her some slack in how she is striving to do this and pray for God’s strength for her.