Madison Christian Church

New Sermon Series on Titus

Yesterday, we began looking at the book of Titus.  The title of the series is: SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT IN THE CHURCH.

This coming Sunday we will be looking at what Paul said to Titus about selecting elders.   We will consider what God expects elders to be like, what He expects elders to do and the relationship between leaders and the rest of a congregation.

In two Sundays (Feb. 18th), I plan to teach on Titus 1:10-16.  He was warning them about a false teaching of Judaism.  This was a teaching that Christians (Gentiles and Jews) were still to observe the O.T. law God gave to Moses with all dietary and civil/ceremonial laws combined with the moral laws that were reinstated in the N.T.

Ten years ago, I would have just said, “Well, that was then but we don’t have such false teachings today.”  And I would have just moved on to modern examples of legalistic Christians.

But such is not the case.  We apparently do need to be warned about such false teachings as they are springing up in many cities around the country (including Nashville).

I will spend some time on that issue looking at what Paul said not only in Titus but also in 2 Corinthians 3:4-11 and in Galatians as well.

Then I will be talking about modern forms of legalism we need to guard against.

All of that stuff is a blatant attempt to create a two-tiered system within Christianity.  The upper tier is for those who observe such laws and the lower tier for those who are not as “enlightened.”  It is exceedingly arrogant!!

I hope this teaching will help us to be on guard and humble.  And don’t fall for the idea “Oh this doesn’t matter.  It’s no big deal.”  It is an enormous matter.  If it wasn’t Paul wouldn’t have spent so much time warning the N.T. Christians against it.