Madison Christian Church

October 1, 2018 Devotional

Cindy and I usually take vacations together. But every now and then I get away with my friend Al. Every year in January we go golf in FL. Cindy has been very gracious about that. It’s a good time for Al and I just to play golf and watch movies and eat like we shouldn’t for one week. Cindy asks only one thing: that I call her once a day. And I enjoy doing that. Why? She misses me and wants to hear from me. And I miss her and want to stay in touch with her.  We like to do that even if nothing remarkable has happened that day. Just staying in touch is important to us and to our relationship.

If husbands and wives lose contact or only communicate with each other when something significant happens, their relationship begins to deteriorate. The closeness or intimacy can break down and they feel a distance all the while living under the same roof.

God expects us to pray to feed our relationship with Him. Many Christians give lip service to the priority of prayer but in reality, it gets crowded out by “more pressing matters”. Why is this?

Sometimes the problem is a lack of discipline. But other times I wonder if we don’t pray as we should due to our doubts that anything will really happen as a result. We would probably never admit this publicly. But if we knew that some visible result would be evident within sixty seconds of every prayer our knees would be calloused. But the Bible never says that will be the case.

God will answer prayers. But since the realm of prayer is spiritual, often prayers are answered in ways that cannot be seen in the material realm. But one thing that is happening with every prayer is that God is drawing nearer to us. James said to submit to God and resist the devil. And he said in 4:8 “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” Our intimacy with God is enhanced every time we pray. If we do this – we will find we don’t have time for those so-called “pressing matters” because our time with Him is even more pressing to us.