Madison Christian Church

Our new Worship & Youth Minister will begin Sunday January 15, 2017

We are excited to welcome Isaac Shaddix as our new associate minister.  He will serve in a full time capacity as minister of worship and youth.  This has been a long, careful and prayer-filled search.  Our elders (Ted Shoemaker, Rory Lithgow and myself), met with the finance team before worship on Sunday December 18th and then with the board after worship to approve the salary. Isaac has accepted the invitation.  He and his wife Brittany are two the finest young adults you will ever meet.  He has led worship a few times with us and has done a fantastic job.  We are confident Isaac and Brittany will be loved by our teens as well as everyone else here at MCC.

Isaac graduated from Trevecca University in 2015 with a degree in Worship Arts and a minor in sound technology.  He is 23 years old.  Brittany (who is 21) just finished her final exams at Trevecca and will be graduating with a degree in education.

God’s timing in this whole episode was unmistakable.  I do not say that lightly.  Sometimes I think we may see God’s hand at work when that may not be the case.  Other times I think we miss it.  This seems like a case in which it was so clear.  I will go into that in time and would be glad to explain how we believe we saw God at work in this to any of you in person.

We hope you will show our MCC hospitality to Isaac and Brittany and invite them over for dinner or take them to lunch after church some Sunday.  We will be having a getting to know them potluck in the near future as our Social/Fellowship Ministry Team plans on this.
Be praying for them as they adjust to life in the ministry. That is a very exciting and terrifying time in every minister’s life. (By terrifying – I mean that in a good way as we realize we are inadequate in ourselves.  And this is a good place to be as it forces us to realize we have to depend upon the Lord – and He will supply).