Madison Christian Church

Sunday School

Sunday School begin each Sunday at 9am. The following classes are available:

Junior High– Led by Andy and Jillian Stanton

  • Currently meeting with High School

High School– Led by Andy and Jillian Stanton

  • Proverbs

Young Adults/ College (18-27)
– Led by Ted Shoemaker

  • Currently doing a short study on what a healthy church looks like.

Young Professionals and Amateurs (25-40)
– Led by Tim Baines

  • Room for Doubt

Women’s Study (all ages)– Led by Christy Pilkington

  • Currently doing the Finding Joy study
    Pairs & Spares (40-55)– Led by Gary Reed
  • Currently studying The I AM Clauses

Ambassadors (50+)
– Led by Jerry Sheltra

  • Famous, influential men and women from the Bible.  They will be studying 13  well-known, Biblical figures and looking into the lives they lead; spending about 2-3 weeks on each individual.