Madison Christian Church


Youth Group 6PM Wednesdays

At Madison Christian Teens we invite you to “Come as you are”…  we just don’t want you to stay that way!

The teen ministry of Madison is striving to simply do what Jesus commanded us, “Go and make disciples.”  (Matthew 28)  We are not trying to see how many people we can fit into our building.  We are just trying to walk as Jesus walked and teach others to do the same, using the Word that He gave for us to use.

Our Goal is to Glorify GOD.  That’s it.  We figure, if we are glorifying GOD, everything else should fall into place.  Sure, we like to have fun, eat, joke around, worship and teach, but we realize that there is a time for EVERYTHING under the Sun.  We love to see relationships that are deep-rooted, not only with one another, but with Jesus also.  We strive to create an atmosphere full of Love, Acceptance, Grace, and Truth.

We would love to welcome you with open arms…  Just like Jesus did for us.

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