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Through God, our mission is to
change lives, so we will
celebrate Jesus as Lord,
connect with each other,
and contribute to our community.

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Sunday School 9am

Worship Hour 10am-11:05am

605 W Old Hickory Blvd. Nashville, TN 37115

Messages from the Minister

  • Devotional May 2, 2016

    Many Christians often misquote Jeremiah 29:11 about God having plans to prosper Israel and to give her a hope and a future to mean that God only wants to bring pleasant experiences into our lives.  But sometimes God afflicts us with painful experiences.  Has He done this for you lately? Jesus said in John 15:2  […]

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  • April 25, 2016 Devotional

    You’ve seen the mission statements of some churches: “Love God, Love People”.    That has a nice ring to it and it is based upon the teaching of Jesus that the Law and the prophets are summed up in the commands to love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matt. 22:37,38). Our culture […]

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